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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Oklahoma City Marathon and # 20 in the Books!

For the last 18 weeks I have been training with one thing in mind, pay back on the OKC Marathon.  Two years ago (just two weeks before the race) I dropped a computer on my foot and fractured 3 toes. I had to pull out of the race just a little over 13 miles in.  This time around I have been doing my long runs with Rusty Sons and they have been great.

   We did 3 runs of 22 miles in this 18 week program.  I have always used Hal Higdon's website and his training programs.  This time we used the intermediate 2 program.  We were both really happy with it.  I also started running a 10-1 program for any mileage over 15.  I run the 1st 4 miles then run 10minuets walk 1…run 10 walk 1….it has been a welcome change.  I really like the small goals.  Sure makes time and miles fly by. 

Rusty and I decided to do the early start for OKC which is one of the only Marathons I know of that has an early start.  To be able to do the early start we had to be at the starting line by 4:15 am on race day.  My alarm went off at 2 am after breakfast and getting all of my running stuff together I met up with Rusty and Steve who drove us to the start.  The 1st 6 miles went flawlessly then the phone call came from Steve telling us huge storms where on the way.  Within minutes it was pouring and lightning all around.  Rusty and I talked about it and decided to carry on. Rusty was doing great especially since just a few days before he hurt his shoulder and back.  He thought he would not be able to run at all. 

With the rain came the wind and cold.  We were completely frozen within minutes (numb arms and fingers) .   Anne and Steve were going to meet us right after mile 13 and it was a good thing because Rusty was having some serious issues because of the weather.  When we met up with them, Rusty had to pull out.   From then on I was on my own.

 We had ran the 1st half in 2:45 min.  Anne had planned on meeting back up with me at mile 18 after I went out by lake Hefner and then back towards down town.  I made up some time during those 5 miles and was feeling great at mile 18.  I climbed in the back of the Sequioa and changed socks, refilled bottles, and grabbed some perpetium from Hammer products before I hit the road again.  Anne and the kids followed along beside me for the next mile. 

The next few miles went pretty fast I was catching all the other runners that started in the early start.  About mile 22 the full marathon route joins up with the half marathon route so at least I had some company running in.  The pro's caught me about mile 23.5 and the 1st place female caught me around mile 25.  The finish came up fast and before I knew it I was coming down the home stretch.  I ended up running a PR by 27 minutes when the race was over.  I have never finished a Full Marathon and felt as good as I did that day.  I felt strong enough I think could have probably done an Ultra (31 miles) but maybe next time.  Here’s to number 20 being in the books.  Thank you Rusty for training with me and I look forward to you getting revenge on OKC next year.

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