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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Blog Catch up!

It has been a while since my last post! We have had a busy summer, with family vacations and with my new job. Since my last post I trained for and completed the Triple Threat at Hotter Than Hell. This is a three-day race comprised of a 13 mile mountain bike ride on Friday followed by the 100 mile road race on Saturday and finally a 13.1 ½ Marathon trail run on Sunday.  It was different than any race I have trained for in the past.  Race weekend was incredibly hot and each race was difficult in a different way, but I really enjoyed the change of pace.  I did sacrifice a toenail to this event.   

That catches you up to August. September was busy with my new Job as the Director of Technology for Wichita Falls ISD.  I was already committed to doing the Austin 70.3 IronMan in October and with the new job on my plate it was hard to focus on my training like I had done the year before. Two weeks before the race I had to test myself to see if it was even possible for me to finish the Ironman. I did a 40-mile bike ride followed by a 10 mile run. The day of the race the weather was perfect almost too perfect. The water temperature was just right for the use of wet suits and the bike was great, not a ton of wind but more hills than I had remembered. But when it came down to the run the temperature had reached 89 degrees. For me that is almost too hot to be running on asphalt.

So here is the rundown of how I did.   The swim went better than last year.  I improved my time and surprised my family.  They weren’t even looking for me when I ran by. I also improved my time on the bike. (I am sure that is because of all the road training I had just done for the triple threat)  Now the run took a little longer than I would have liked, I stepped in a hole on the first mile that made for some slow going for the last 12 miles. I was glad to get this one behind me.  My family really enjoys this race and it was great to have their support.  2 days after the race I was still nursing a very hurt foot and had an x-ray just to make sure there wasn’t a fracture.  Then even over a week later my foot was not improving…this means cortisone shot….let’s just say OUCH!!! But know worries…that fixed me up.

I followed the 70.3 Ironman with a Half Marathon at the DRC half in Dallas in November. That brings my total up to 23. I am traveling to Las Vegas this week to run the Rock and Roll Las Vegas. That will make number 24! I hope to compete in at least one Half Marathon every month from now until April. We will see how my body holds up.will be

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