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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Cowtown 2011 and #18

Three years ago the Cowtown Marathon/Half Marathon began giving away a unique metal to finishers.  This medal not only stands alone but when joined with consecutive years you will be able to create a TEXAS star.  3 years ago I earned my 1st piece.  Here is my star so far.  I am determined to finish this STAR!
This year Anne had to go to New Orleans early Sunday morning (the same day as the race) I decided to get up and drive down the early that morning  run and turn around and come home.  Rusty and Joe went with me and we left from the house at 3:50 am.  We arrived in downtown Fort Worth  around 6am. Rusty, Joe and I met up with Jason and went to the Convention Center to stretch and get ready for the start.  They changed the course this year so that we would run down through the Stockyards and then back down town.  It was a nice chance of scenery until mile 9 which climbs 170 feet in less than half a mile.  I had been running with the 2hr pace group since the start of the race but during that climb the whole pace group fell apart.  It was a tough race and in the end Joe and I  ran it in 2:01:26.  I was pretty happy with the time considering the course and the hills.  Jason and Rusty did well too. It was a good day.  I will post some pics of all us on race day on my website.  The next race will be number 19 in Dallas on March 27th, Rock and Roll Half Marathon.  Rusty and I are training for the Full Marathon in OKC in May which will be my 20th Marathon.

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  1. Shad! I didn't know you were doing Rock & Roll too this year! Let me know what corral you're in... we'll have to have our celebratory Ultra together!