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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My 40 by 40

I have figured a few things out over the last few years and I have found out that I am the type of person that needs a goal of some sort to help get me out the door.  So I have come up with a good one.  This blog will tell about my journey over the next few years to complete 40 marathons by the time I turn 40.  I should begin by telling you about myself.  I started running a about four years ago and my first race was a 1/2 marathon, Dallas White Rock.  Since that time I have completed the following races:
Spirit of Survival x3
Dallas White Rock 1/2  x3
Dallas White Rock Full
Tulsa Route 66 Full
Las Vegas Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon x 2
Dallas Rock and Roll 1/2 
Dallas Running Club Half x 3
Fort Worth Cowtown 1/2 Marathon x2
And the Austin 70.3 Ironman
For a total of 17 so far!

I am currently training for the following:
Forth Worth Cowtown in Feb
Dallas Rock and Roll in March
OKC Full Marathon the 1st week of May

Over the next few years I plan on posting Race day recaps and some updates along the way.


  1. Superman wears Shad McGaha underoos.

  2. Shad ~ Brother ~ WOW! I'm soooo proud of you ~ Wow......Yay God for you, your new found goal of 40by40 ~ I'm honored to read your journey.
    Yay God for your Princess Ann too = ) Support is very important ~ Amen.
    Looking forward to reading more post and being happy for you!